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Twisted Fairy Tales 2: The Three Little Pigs

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  • Twisted Tales: The Three Little Pigs and the Big GOOD Wolf!
  • The wolf eats the first two pigs as evidenced by the pile of bones and hot sauce , and the illustrations while amazing feel creepy. This is a zany retelling of the traditional tale in true Steven Kellogg style. Serafina Pig has three piglets to raise. As she wonders how to support her young family, she decides to begin a waffle business.

    Her three children stay close by to help her run the wafflery, but Tempesto the Wolf stirs up trouble for everyone.


    I think you will either love or hate this book. The pig destroys their brick house with a sledgehammer, their concrete house with a pneumatic drill, and their armor plated house with dynamite. Despite the violence, the illustrations are beautifully done. I have a special place in my heart for this one, since I taught in Arizona and had a student who told me that javelinas regularly visited his yard. It takes place in the Sonoran desert where I taught , and features three little javelinas who are harassed by the big bad Coyote.

    The three homes are built of tumbleweed, saguaro cactus ribs, and adobe bricks. This is a creative retelling in which the three pigs are actually three little rigs , and the big bad wolf is actually a big bad wrecking ball. In this retelling, three fish Jim, Tim, and Kim go off to make their home in the deep blue sea. But the big bad shark is always at the door. However, my Four requested it often.

    Three Little Pigs

    This is a delightful fractured fairy tale, in which the three pigs go to Ninja school in preparation for fighting the big bad wolf. But the third pig earns her black belt in karate; her flips and kicks scare the wolf away for good. The Three Pigs , by David Wiesner. The pictures are phenomenal the book won the Caldecott medal , but the story is confusing for young listeners. Things get weird right away when the wolf blows the first pig right out of the story … and into another world that lies somewhere between fairy tales.

    This is a cheerful version without any scary parts. In the end, the pigs and the wolf become friends. Tell the Truth, B.

    Jon Scieszka Fractured Fairytales and Fables

    A librarian calls and asks him to tell his story at the library. When the wolf tries to tell his side with quite a few fabrications , the other fairy tale animals interrupt him one after the other.

    source Kimmel guided reading level: M. This creative version is set in Texas near Mexico. Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th , 5 th , Homeschool.